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Watching a child grow and slowly develop their skills and talents through playing and learning is an extremely beautiful thing. Unfortunately, some parents and guardians experience difficulties providing for their children due to a lack of resources and experience. Relying on childcare providers like Little Daydreamers Learning Center 2 will allow parents to get the support they need.

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Infant Care

Infants need constant care and supervision. Our caregivers will ensure your babies get on-the-clock attention, respond to their cries, and address their needs.

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Toddler Care

This age group is full of curiosity and wonder, looking to explore their surroundings and understand the world they live in.

It is also at this age that toddlers develop and put into more practice their language application skills. Socializing with family and meeting new people will only encourage them even more to learn new words and expand their vocabulary.

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Extended Care

Get reassurance and peace of mind knowing your children are cared for with our extended care services.

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