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Little Daydreamers Learning Center 2 understands that choosing a high-quality daycare is a very critical and serious decision. We employ nurturing caregivers who understand the stages of child development, respect family needs, and promote cultural diversity. Our staff is dedicated to building strong partnerships with families to enrich children’s experiences. The welfare of our children is of utmost importance, and as such, the Little Daydreamers Learning Center 2 Team is evaluated, screened, and trained to provide the highest level of care. Team members attend annual and Bi-annual training, including CPR and First Aid, to ensure each child’s safety. Continuous staff training is required through educational workshops and seminars to maintain the highest standard of education and care for the children in our programs. We sincerely believe that they each have a special gift to share with your children.


Our Team

Brenda Bueno

Brenda Bueno – Team Director

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Kexia Victoriano

Kexia Victoriano – Toddler Team Leader

Kexia ( Kesaaa, as the children affectionately call her) has been a part of the Little Daydreamers Learning Center Family/Team for 8 years. She inspires us with her energy, positivity, and willingness to help wherever needed. She is the lead teacher in our toddler room and assists in our infant room. Kexia makes sure the safety of our children remains a top priority, which has been especially beneficial during a season that has been difficult and challenging for some of our little ones. Kexia can be found reading to the children their favorite stories and making memories via her creative art projects. The children love to dance, play, and learn with Kexia.

Ydalia Sosa

Ydalia Sosa – Infant Team Leader

Ydalia is our Infant Head Teacher and has been a part of our Little Daydreamers Learning Center 2 Family/Team for 3.5 years. She consistently goes above and beyond for her family. She provides incredible updates through our family communication app, helping to give parents peace of mind. They know, without a doubt, that the children in her care are safe, loved, and learning every day. Ydalia teaches the babies using a very interactive, fun curriculum, which helps them develop gross and fine motor skills. The babies also learn sign language, music, and art and benefit from sensory experiences. Ydalia’s dedication has been a key part of restoring post-pandemic trust with our families.

Neyda Munoz

Neyda Munoz – Toddler Team Assistant

Neyda is a Toddler Assistant and has been a part of our Little Daydreamers Family/Team for 9 Years. She is an asset to our program as her long history and experience in working with children has allowed her to forge many memories and bonds not only with the children but also with their families. Neyda loves reading, playing, and cooking her signature meal, “Arroz con Habichuelas,” for the children. Neyda enjoys doing circle time in English and Spanish and teaches the children the numbers, colors, alphabet, and shapes in Spanish.

Esther Gomez

Esther Gomez – Toddler Assistant

Esther is a Toddler Assistant and has been a part of our Little Daydreamers Family/Team for 2.5 Years. She is very passionate and committed to working with children and finds it a real joy and very rewarding to watch their growth and development daily. Esther is famous for her dance moves, energy, and patience. Esther can be seen playing in our Garden with the children, searching for ladybugs and butterflies.

Daniela Hitches

Daniela Hitches – Infant/Toddler Team Assistant

Daniela is an Assistant and has been a part of our Little Daydreamers Learning Center Family/Team for 4.5 years. The children love to play with Daniela, and they especially love when Daniela sings in Korean to them. She enjoys spending time on the floor with the children and enjoys helping create a caring, loving, and stimulating environment in which children can flourish.

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